Keep plastic out of our sea: Discover the life cycle of a plastic bottle and how to not dump it in the sea thanks to Circular Economy

How to assess the environmental benefits related to proper disposal of a plastic bottle through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Circular Economy strategies.

Microbiological marine pollution: from traditional methodologies to modern metagenomics and Big-Data approaches

To raise public awareness of the problems associated with microbiological pollution of marine environments by showing, using traditional and more modern techniques, how water monitoring and control of pathogenic microrganisms can be carried out.

Multifunctional hybrid materials based on natural clays for environmental recovery and bioremediation

Eco-friendly and green materials and methods for environmental protection and safeguarding

A bio-psycho-social approach to health and frailty among elderly population living in Aeolian Islands: challenges and opportunities for people aging surrounded by the sea

The main purpose of this project is to extend the comprehensive evaluation of health and frailty status among the elderly population even in the context of a peculiar close community, such as that of the Aeolian Archipelago. For each elderly participant,...

Knowledge and use of macroalgae: an unexpected resource!

What kind of organisms algae are and how they are exploited in research and industry


Feed insect for aquaculture

Feed insect for aquaculture

Feed insect for aquaculture, Project: FIFA, PO FEAMP 2014-2020, measure 2.47, Project leader: University of Messina, Scientific Responsible: Prof. Biagina Chiofalo

The All-Mediterranean Science Team

The All-Mediterranean Science Team

MEDNIGHT presents the All-Mediterranean Science Team, consisting of 11 scientists from various mediterranean countries Informatrion about the selection process and the members of the jury, here For MEDNIGHT, it is an honor to have created the first team of scientists...