As described in the “Guide for applicants” the purpose of the EU corner is to provide general information about the European Union and how the EU funds science and education cooperation within Europe and beyond. Highly recommended requirements are:

  1. i) to be located in a frequently visited area; ii) to display the European flag, information on the EU (history/initiatives/policies/achievements which are in particular relevant for the target audience) and related interactive activities; iii) to have presence of personnel able to answer public questions about EU policies and programmes, and promoting the European role in research and innovation; iv) to include testimonials/activities conducted by researchers funded by the EU, in particular Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.

As advised in the Call we should contact “EU representations and/or EU info points in order to get advice, EU goodies and brochures, possibly staff to answer questions on EU at stand”. In our MEDNIGHT project, we count on Europe Direct Región de Murcia support, which suggests the incorporation of other networks, as Eurodesk Ayuntamiento Cartagena and Erasmus Student Network Cartagena and their equivalent in corresponding venues, to fulfil those requirements.


Both Online and Face-to-Face EU Corners will be organized, sharing a common set-up, information and image.

 Each local main event will have two stands located in a privileged location, visible and easily accessible. The permanent set up of the EU-corner will include the European flag, connections to all relevant EU websites and showcase of the entire EU funded project. 

Promotional material will be mainly allocated in the EU Corners, which will serve as a general information point for each event.

Each Mednigth partner should offer to the rest at least one activity that can be displayed in the EU Corners of their respective venues. This way a panel with 13 suitable activities will be built.  Each Mednigth partner should choose two of these activities to be implemented in their EUCorners.

Each EU Corner will be named as in the proposal. (UPCT-By Land, Sea and Air: Mediterranean Engines/UJI-Garden of MEDNIGHT)

Individual partners are able to upgrade their EU-Corners as far as general and specific requirements are fulfilled.

Online EU-Corner is under construction at the moment, in coordination with the informatics team. It will be a common website for all the partners/venues that feed specific activities for EU-corner, plus a fixed set of links regarding EU (Europe Direct support )