On October Inmaculada Simón and Marina Alfosea motivated the students of Montserrat Roig High School to pursue higher studies in scientific careers. They stongly motivated the students, and showed the current research duties and details about the research. The students could practice with crops and different soils and they have beeen able to learn about protected varieties of aromatic plants.

With regard to their research work:

Immaculada Simon Vilella. PhD in Agronomic Engineering, Marina Alfosea Simón, PhD in agronomic engineering, works in the Bioestimulants and Climate Change Group, formed by CEBAS-CISC and UMH. Both work in the selection of aromatic and medicinal agroecological plants, tolerant to different climatic scenarios and with high bioactive functionality.
Inmaculada is director of the Agrobalia Chair – UMH, Marina is a researcher at CEBAS -CSIC.