EWORA (European Women Rectors Association) is gearing up to spotlight the remarkable progress achieved by universities in the Mediterranean Region in advancing gender equality. This year’s version of MEDNIGHT is expanding its scope to also recognize Mediterranean universities leading the charge on gender equality.

The initiative aims to select up to five universities from the Mediterranean Region to be recognized in the Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Awards alongside the MST team. The application process is being designed, with an online application to be distributed among universities in the Mediterranean Basin. This process will collect both qualitative and quantitative data to gain a better understanding of Mediterranean universities’ performance on gender equality. A jury of up to five members will evaluate the performance of universities in this critical area.

Through the Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers initiative, EWORA will honor universities for their exceptional dedication to fostering gender equality within their academic ecosystems.

The Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers application process has been meticulously crafted to ensure a thorough evaluation of universities’ efforts. It will capture both qualitative and quantitative data, providing a holistic view of each institution’s initiatives, policies, and achievements related to gender equality. This comprehensive approach aims to identify leaders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and tangible results in promoting inclusivity and diversity.

The esteemed members of the Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers jury who will play a crucial role in evaluating these universities are:

1. Prof. Gulsun Saglamer – Former Rector, Istanbul Technical University & Founding Honorary President, EWORA

2. Prof. Kerstin Tham – Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University & President of EWORA

3. Silvia Rudea – Director of the Women and Science Unit under the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain

Together, this distinguished jury will carefully review the submissions and identify the universities that have excelled in promoting inclusivity, diversity, and gender equity within the Mediterranean Region.

EWORA’s Mediterranean Universities Gender Equality Pioneers is a celebration of progress, an inspiration for change, and a catalyst for a more equitable future in academia.