The Didactic and Interactive Science Museum (MUDIC) returned to this educational center in Callosa de Segura on April 11 to continue carrying out its offer of scientific workshops. In the previous month of March, 90 students from 2nd year of ESO participated in the workshop “Plane and spatial geometry with a book of mirrors”, while another 90 from 1st year of ESO did the same with the workshop titled “Matemagia”. On this occasion, 60 more 1st year ESO students have participated in the same “Matemagia” workshop, while 10 3rd year PDC students have carried out the “Cooking and Chemical Reactions” workshop.

In the “Matemagia” workshop, a series of surprising activities are presented directly related to simple mathematical properties and principles, awakening students’ interest in Mathematics. The 1st year ESO students at IES Vega Baja found it motivating to discover the secret behind magic tricks, based on mathematical principles. This workshop is related to Sustainable Development Goal number 4: Quality Education.

“Matemagia” Workshops

In the STEM workshop “Cooking and Chemical Reactions” bread making is used to identify different chemical reactions. Hydrolysis, fermentation or the Maillard reaction are some of them. To better visualize them, they are accompanied by a comic, which shows in a simple way the mechanism and the chemical reactions that occur. There is also experimentation with the oxidation of the apple, the jumping egg and the spherifications, studying the reactions that occur. This workshop refers to the importance of sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption, directly related to Sustainable Development Goal number 12: Responsible production and consumption.

“Cooking and Chemical Reactions” Workshop