We often perceive science and art as two unrelated, perhaps even contradictory concepts. However, when these two worlds come together, true magic happens – innovation is born.

At this year’s Athens Science Festival, we invite you to attend art exhibitions that promise to captivate, impress, and offer you a fresh perspective on a wide range of topics.

Among others, the European project MEDNIGHT (Mediterranean Researcher’s Night) introduces itself through two different yet equally fascinating activities:

At the “Mednight expedition: the ports of Science“, researchers from Mediterranean universities and research institutions board boats and take us on a “marine” documentary journey. Thus, we will have the opportunity to see the condition of the seas surrounding Mediterranean countries and to be informed about contemporary issues such as climate change, health, and pollution. | Screenings: 17:0018:0019:0020:00

The portrait exhibition “Mediterranean Women in Health” has been created to honour women from the Mediterranean who have contributed to improving health and quality of life. These are women who challenged conventions, excelled, and pioneered in their fields, be it research, healthcare, education, or volunteering, yet have not received the recognition they deserve.