Science fairs

One of MEDNIGHT Awareness awareness-raising strategies is to join established science fairs and disseminate information from there. This has been the case with four of our partners who participated in the “Madrid Science Fair” (CIEMAT) on March 8 and 9 and the “Athens Science Festival” (SciCo and Athena RC) on April 19 to 21, ITU Istanbul Traditional Science and Technology Festival ceremony on April 29 (EWORA and ITU Foundation Schools) and “Festival of Scientific Culture” in High School “Caminiti Trimarchi” of Messina.


MEDNIGHT’s impactful exhibitions, designed in previous years, continue to make a difference. Our exhibitions, “Mediterranean Faces of science” and “Mediterranean Women for Health”, have been showcased not only in Athens but also in l’Alfas del Pi, Orihuela, Messina and Istanbul, reaching a diverse audience and spreading our message far and wide.

Mind the Lab (MTL)

Two MTL ran in April, one on the hand of Scico and the other by Kadir Has. These activities will peak during the summer.

Tales Theater

One of the most expected activities was the MUDIC Theater performing the Tales from Mednight – 2023. On this occasion, the theatre group staged “The night when Blanca lost her fear of the dark” by María Ángeles Bonmatí Carrión; “Lucas and the mysterious plant Molly” by Laura Camón Lucas and “My point Jonbar” by Francisco Blázquez.

Researchers at Schools

Our French partner Genopolys ran many Researchers at school meetings with secondary school students: Clemence Royer Middle School and Agropolis High School classes in Montpellier. Also, Kadir Has met Mimar Sinan College Students in Istanbul and Archimede High School in Messina.

Workshops at Schools

Another way to approach science to students is through workshops and hands-on experiments. That was the case of the 27 students, ages 9 to 10. from Teyra Primary School (Genopolys) and IES la Vega Baja, la Purísima School and Callosa de Segura  (MUDIC)

Laboratory visits

Students from the Lycée Mermoz will visit the Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier. 


During “Earth Day 2024,” some video contributions dedicated to the Mediterranean were shown to the students. Almost 300 Istituto “Borghese Faranda” Patti (ME) students participated in this activity.