The Didactic and Interactive Science Museum (MUDIC) has held workshops related to mathematics at the IES Vega Baja in Callosa de Segura on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12, 2024. These activities are framed in the actions “Workshops at schools ”, in which the different European entities of the MEDNIGHT project visit schools to interact with the students. They are also aligned with Sustainable Development Goal number 4: Quality Education.

The first of the workshops carried out was titled “Plane and spatial geometry with a book of mirrors”. It explores this branch of mathematics through symmetry and reflection. In this workshop, the aim is for the student, starting from the book of mirrors, to first take a tour of the plane, focusing their attention on the polygonal shapes and classifying them according to their properties. Next, symmetries and three-dimensional constructions are worked on. Between both days, 90 2nd year ESO students participated.

The second workshop was titled “Mathmagic”. It presented a series of surprising activities directly related to simple mathematical properties and principles, awakening students’ interest in mathematics. The students found it motivating to discover the secret behind magic tricks, based on mathematical principles. The workshop reached 90 1st year ESO students.

“Plane and spatial geometry with mirror book” Workshop
“Mathmagic” Workshop