From March 13th to 15th, the sixth edition of the “Festival of Scientific Culture” took place at the “Caminiti Trimarchi” high school in Giardini Naxos (ME). This year the theme of the Festival was “De Rerum Natura”.

Themes relating to environmental education, sustainable development, renewable and clean energy without forgetting gender equality in the scientific field have been discussed during the festival.

In particular the High School “Caminiti Trimarchi”, mindful of the participation of MEDNIGHT researchers to the last edition, has invited us to give a new contribution with the interactive scientific laboratories, experiments and demonstrations and the staging of exhibitions relating to the theme of the Festival.

Furthermore, the school asked to MEDNIGHT researchers to summarize the experience of the latest MEDNIGHT edition of 29th September 2023 and the mission of this scientific dissemination initiative promoted by the University of Messina.

A short ceremony was held in the Aula Magna of the High School, during which MEDNIGHT researchers were awarded with the “Scientific Culture Award” that the high school awards annually to individuals or entities that stand out in the development and promotion of scientific culture.

After the ceremony, the MEDNIGHT researchers has offered to the students some laboratories, experiments and exhibitions

Driving behavior in a simulated environment for road safety
(A. Ruggeri, G. Sollazzo)
Renewable energies and energy transition
(R. Passalacqua, G. Papanikolau, G. Giorgianni, F. P. Abramo)
A question of etiquette: meet milk! (A. Amato, C. Cavallo, L. Liotta,V. Lopreiato)
Hydrogels for the release of bioactive molecules (G. Nocito, N.Burduja)
Insects and by-products of the agricultural supply chain: precious allies for the production of sustainable eggs
(A.R.Di Rosa, F. Accetta, R.Armone, B.Chiofalo, M. Oteri)
F. Papa, E. De Salvo, M. Cannavò and M. Gallo have prepared for the students two activities based on their research in the field of psychology: “Music, food and emotions”, and “Psichology and Research: exploring emotions, thoughts and behaviors”
Plastic pollution: sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics
(C. Branca, G. D’Angelo, V. Conti Nibali, R. Verduci, M. Ruggeri)
“Diabetes and Anaphylaxis Rescue” – Di.Ana Rescue
(S.Manti, G.Salzano, G.Crisafulli, L.Caminiti, F. Galletta, S.Foti Randazzese, F.Lombardo, S.Passanisi, B. Bombaci)
How to recognize and deal with the emergency? Practical advice for dog owners (A. Previti, M. Pugliese)
<<100% green>> bioplastics obtained from agri-food waste
(A. Visco, C. Scolaro, S. Brahimi)
Chemistry turns green: from hydrogen to new energy carriers
(C. Ampelli, F. Nastasi)
Voices from the Mediterranean (G. Messina, D. Potenza, M. Savoca, S. Squatrito)
The aromas of the Mediterranean Diet (M. Russo, M. Zoccali)
The new frontiers of public administration: human intelligence vs artificial intelligence. A look at the
future (V. Prudente, C. Ardizzone, M. L. Siciliano)
Learn about foods to reduce food waste (F. Giarratana, L.Nalbone, S. Forgia)
Measuring and communicating environmental sustainability to combat Green – Washing: examples in the agri-food sector
(G. Mondello, F. Scandurra)
Climate change and the compromising of the five freedoms for animal welfare (D. Alberghina)
The group formed by A. Alesci, G. Lombardo, A. Giliberti, A. Severino, S. Marino, L. Spiccia, V. Natale presented two contributions: “Marine ecosystem: a world to discover below and above the blue” and “Intestinal microbiota: a gym for our immune system”