Mediterranean Science Team

MEDNIGHT, the Mediterranean Researchers’ Night, includes among its activities the selection of the Mediterranean Science Team and the grand Gala at which the 11 chosen scientists of the Team will be presented to the public, and the media.

With the Mediterranean Science Team, MEDNIGHT seeks unity through science for 23 countries bordering the same sea.

The Mediterranean is a common character for 500 million inhabitants of three continents. Sharing common problems, such as climate change, forces us to generate large-scale solutions that can only be realised if we work together.


Common problems, joint solution

The Mediterranean Science Team will be composed of 11 scientists doing research in countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The Mediterranean Science Team will be a reflection of science with a human face to seek solutions to these common problems of the 23 Mediterranean countries.

The Science Team is a symbol, with which we want to bring the relevance of science to the general public. For this reason, we formed a team of 11 “players”, like football teams. Each member of the Mediterranean Science Team will receive a T-shirt, similar to those of the football players, at the Gala where they will be presented to the public

The scientists in the Science Team will be those who have contributed most notably to the knowledge and/or development of strategies to address problems shared by the countries of the Mediterranean basin or whose research makes an important contribution to the future projection of the Mediterranean countries.

The team will also be open to researchers whose scientific work has been internationally recognised as being of the highest level. In this way, it will help to visualise cutting-edge scientific development in the region as an unquestionable strategy for the future.

The international relevance of the research, the fact that it has been developed by a multidisciplinary team and that its application can be extended to all the countries of the Mediterranean basin will be taken into account.

Call for applications

From Mednight, we encourage institutions, universities and research centers from all Mediterranean countries to submit nominations of scientists to be part of the Mediterranean Science Team.

Applications should be sent using the form

The jury of the Mediterranean Science Team 2024

The MEDNIGHT Mediterranean Science Team 2024 jury is made up of excellent from Lebanon, France, Turkey, Portugal and Spain.






Fabrice Rousselot. France






Gulsun Sağlamer. Turkey






Isabel Capeloa Gil. Portugal






Joaquín Capablo. Spain






Najat Aoun Saliba. Lebanon

Mediterranean science team 2023

Professor Nektarios Tavernarakis

Mediterranean science team 2021

gala 2021