As a precursor to what will take place on the 30th of September, a series of actions made by SciCo, Greece, with the participation of the Aegean University and the support of Lesvos Chamber, was scheduled in the final days of July.

The activities have taken place in a public space that is outside the Lesvos Chamber and is a central point in the island’s capital. People that were passing by, had the chance to participate in several experiments of Mind the Lab, observe the Sun with a telescope, look through a digital microscope, experience AR technologies and attend the exhibition of the Mediterranean Faces of Science.

In parallel, with these activities, the presence of Aegean University was very active. The Department of Science and Nutrition made experiments and tested people’s preferences in food, and they talked about how science can affect the psychology of the consumer for specific food choices.  The Department of Cultural Technology and communication presented an exhibition with their state-of-the-art and secure smart devices for the preservation of material in cultural heritage, that they have already used in local museums of Lesvos.

In addition, volunteers from SciCo Greece, locals and students from the University of Aegean have participated in a cleaning-up of the Panagiouda beach in Lesvos.

Finally, during our visit to the island of Lesvos, several Mind the Lab sessions have been held in the Kara Tepe Refugee camp. Accompanied to the science experiments of the Mind the Lab session, some Tales of science, that were produced in the previous competition of Tales from Mednight, were read to the children of the camp. The refugees had also the chance of seeing through a telescope and getting acquainted with the constellations in the sky and astronomy in general, after attending the exhibition of the Mediterranean Faces of Science.