Due to the end of the academic year is a moment to focus in the exams, in order to facilitate the participation in the contest of short stories of scientific theme, Tales from the Mednight, we extend until July 29 the deadline of presentation of the works. Sure one of the following characteristics of the contest will encourage you to participate:

The topic is about science

Winning works will be digitally edited

The selected works will be shown for children with long hospital stays, young migrants, schools, and elderly

Mediterranean science will be brought closer to the population in a new way

Includes training in science-themed storytelling

Links to the roots and history of Mediterranean science and connects with other Mediterranean knowledge centres

In the following link are at your disposal the bases: https://mednight.eu/rules-tales-from-the-mednight-2/

The description of the storytelling and training activity can be found at the following link: https://mednight.eu/tales/

Deadline for submission is July 29.