Until august 30

The tales from the MEDNIGHT is a transversal activity of the Mediterranean Researchers ‘Night, Mednight, Conducted by Museo Didáctico Interactivo de Ciencias de la Vega Baja (MUDIC), consisting in a literary contest of short stories of scientific topic, with training to develop them that is offered at the end of this text. The winning works will be played in informational activities. The main objective is to approach Mediterranean science, in a pleasant and entertaining way, focused to children in hospitals, migrants in reception centres, and elderly people in residences.

The initiative has been come up with the idea of being exportable and being part of the educational activities from other organizations. The Tales from the Mednight will be narrated and performed at the Mediterranean Researchers’ Night venues, including those to be held in Nicosia, in Greece, Malta, and Messina, in Italy.

As examples of subjects to be covered in the stories are proposed: Health; Mediterranean Sea; anthropology and history; pollution; biodiversity; women and science; climate emergency; geology; engineering; diet and nutrition; clean energy; and astronomy. Contestants will be offered an online course on how to craft a science divulgation story; which will consist of a lesson on science history and join in a tale writing workshop. The titles of the other activities of the other main MEDNIGHT events can be a source of inspiration for develop the stories. 

Instructors, scientists and researchers will perform storytelling and drama at hospitals, migrants’ reception centres, and retirement homes for the first time The Tales from the MEDNIGHT, accompanied by other recreational, informational and scientific activities. Participants in the recreation will also have a training in interpretation. MEDNIGHT will bring scientific activity closer together with an exciting, fun and clear activity. In this way, while helping to emotionally strengthen the people in attendance, the scientific spirit will be encouraged and instilled. From young people to elder, they will check that science is as necessary for society’s progress as it is exciting.


El Club de Alejandría Jorge Moya Olcina
El método científico y el coche solar Alejandro Ruiz Picazo
La estrella de Sofía María Ángeles Bonmatí Carrión
La fuente errante Alicia Sanz Prats
Mi coral Vanessa Escrig Cervera
Una trama menor Violeta Saéz Garcés


ONLINE TRAINING. Natalia Pérez-Galdós