On June 27, the Summer of Museums activities begin at MUDIC, with a powerful weekly program of projects, aimed at young people from 6th grade to high school. The beginning is with astronomy projects, with Enrique Larrosa and viruses and bacteria, by Margarita del Val.
It will run from 27 June to 1 July. Two different science-themed projects will take place every week.

Margarita del Val, whose PhD is in the specialty of biochemistry and molecular biology, with a long career, with great recognition by her as the UEBE José Cardona in 2020. For more than a decade he has been conducting research on the immune response to pathogens and vaccines.

We encourage you to participate in the Summer of Museums at MUDIC, you can register at the
following link: https://forms.gle/gr3gzhrUxQZSLajd7

Fuente: https://www.mudic.es/