The science behind what we choose to eat

It is known that our preferences on taste are formed based on our senses (sight, taste, smell, etc.). But did you know that the final food choice is shaped both consciously and subconsciously by factors such as our childhood habits, memory or correlations with pleasant or unpleasant experiences? We may prefer foods because of their color or the color of their packaging or the color of the room we eat them. Red is associated with danger in Europe but with good luck in China.

The Seneca Foundation – Murcia Region Science and Technology Organization is s the Regional Agency for Science and Technology that depends on the Government of Murcia and its goal is to promote research excellence in all fields of science as well as to foster the transfer and application of research results to boost innovative activities, technological development and societal appreciation of science and technology.

Konstantinos Gatzionis, Head of Department and Associate Professor of Food biochemistry and technology, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of the Environment, University of the Aegean.

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