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The RECOVER project, funded by European funds, aims to solve the problem of the accumulation of agricultural plastics and non-recyclable packaging and microplastic contamination. It will apply biotech solutions, including a combination of microorganisms, novel enzymes, worms and insects to work collaboratively, not only to degrade plastics but also to transform them into value-added products. Among its ambitious goals, RECOVER will develop processes for bioremediation of plastic contamination in soils and compost and biotransformation of conventional plastics into biofertilizers and biodegradable plastics for agricultural and food packaging applications.

In the EUCorner from the Mednight event in Orihuela the people could learn about that project participated by many partners:

Almeria University– España

Pisa University – Italia

Young farmer asociation – España

Brunel University London – Reino Unido

Miguel Hernández University – España

Albstadt-Sigmaringen Universit – Alemania


ASA Special Enzymes GmbH – Alemania


IRIS Technology Solutions SL – España

Organic Waste Systems (OWS) – Bélgica

IDELUX Environnement – Bélgica

Femto Engineering – Italia

Entogreen – Ingredient Odyssey, Lda – Portugal

Carton Bros -T/A Manor Farm – Irlanda

SA Farmers from Vega de Valencia – España

ENCO SRL – Italia


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November 9, 2022

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