Innovative Partenariat for Action Against Cancer (iPAAC) – Ana Molina

The general objective of the iPAAC Joint Action (JA) is to develop innovative approaches to advances in cancer control. The innovation that will be covered within the JA consists of further Page 6 / 129 Final Version for Second Submission, dated 17/01/2018 development of cancer prevention, comprehensive approaches to the use of genomics in cancer control, cancer information and registries, improvements and challenges in cancer care, mapping of innovative cancer treatments and governance of integrated cancer control, including a new analysis of National Cancer Control Plans.

The key focus of the Joint Action will be on implementation, reflected in the key deliverable: the Roadmap on Implementation and Sustainability of Cancer Control Actions, which will support Member States in implementation of iPAAC and CANCON recommendations.

Each Work Package will develop numerous tasks and activities, producing various internal reports, pilot studies, recommendations, surveys, mapping exercises, etc. These outputs will be assessed with a view to implementation, integration and sustainability at national level. Each Work Package will produce a Roadmap on Implementation and Sustainability of Cancer Control Actions for their specific topic, which will then be compiled into the final Roadmap, which aims to support implementation and long term sustainability of good practices, guidelines and recommendations on cancer control at national level.


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September 22, 2021

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