On April 18 Cristina Bultó motivated the students of Playas de Orihuela School to pursue higher studies in scientific careers. Previusly, she visited 2 schools and 1 high school. In each visit, she stongly motivated the students, and showed the IEO equality program and details about her research.

With regard to her research work:

Specialist Technician of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography IEO-CSIC, dedicated to research and currently working in the IEO of Murcia. Graduate in Marine Biology from the University of Trieste (Italy) and PhD in marine spatial planning. It works collaboratively in fisheries research in different areas within different working groups of the IEO Fisheries Area.

Throughout his career, and at present, his work focuses on ecology of food networks, assessments of fish stocks, maintenance and collection of biological data, support to the scientific council of the PNDB and collaboration in the characterization of sensitive habitats susceptible to protection and in the evaluation of the effect of the protection of marine areas on artisanal fishing. It also collaborates in various outreach projects through the IEO_CSIC Scientific Communication Unit. Other areas of interest focus on the impact of fish discards, and fishing for vulnerable species, participating in different projects.