On April 27 Mónica Micó Cabedo, Mª Teresa Prats Valls, Verónica Pons Ferri, members of GEQUO motivated the students of IES Jaume I to pursue higher studies in scientific careers.

With regard to their research work:

GEQUO is a research team associated with FISABIO, specifically the area of research in primary care, chronicity and quality of care whose objective is to generate new knowledge and transfer the results of the research carried out to improve the quality of care and the safety of patients.

GEQUO is involved in the implementation of several innovation projects in collaboration with the University Jaume I of Castelló and the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (Campus de Gandía I Campus de Alcoi). In addition, it actively participates in conferences and congresses at the level of the Valencian and national community.

GEQUO is a team of nurses committed to the generation and transfer of knowledge based on scientific methodology aimed at improving or preserving the health of people, respect for their way of feeling and living and their possibilities for effective participation.