On Saturday 28 January 2023, as part of the OPEN DAY of the ITET “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Milazzo, the researchers of the MEDNIGHT project dedicated an afternoon to astrophotography.

In particular, an observation of stars and planets through telescopes was foreseen, but, due to the adverse weather conditions, the Researchers of the University of Messina and of the OPTICA and EPS YOUNG MINDS associations had a dialogue with the citizens in the Aula Magna of the Institute.

After a brief introduction on the MEDNIGHT project, by Marina Trimarchi, the mission and activities of the OPTICA and EPS YOUNG MINDS associations were illustrated by Fabio Risitano. Then Alberto Mercurio held a very interesting talk on astrophotography.

The participants, about fifty, then had a long conversation with the researchers, asking questions and making interesting considerations.

Open Day Milazzo