7 stories have been selected for adaptation, representation and to be part of the II book of Tales from the Mednight. In alphabetical order of the work are included with the name of the author:

El balón en la biblioteca vacía                                         Martín-Ernesto Troncoso

El problema del faraón                                                    María Ramón Sánchez                                                                               

                                                                                            Jorge Eloy Martínez Lozano

El sueño de una Noche de San Juan de Tina             Silvia Ruiz Fernández

La búsqueda del equilibrio                                            María Mercedes Pardo Tendero

La cueva de las maravillas                                           María Ángeles Bonmatí Carrión

Motivación científica                                                   Vanessa Escrig Cervera

Preguntas infantiles                                                     Alejandro Ruiz Picazo

In this edition 34 entries have been registered, receiving works from Latin America and other Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Turkey. Representing a significant percentage of total registrations.

Of the works presented, 15 were selected for the evaluation of the jury, composed of María del Carmen Perea, Rosa Martínez, Natalia Pérez-Galdós, Mila Martínez, Gabriel Estañ, and Javier Ordónez. After the individual evaluation, a sharing was carried out, resulting in 7 winning stories, in the previous edition were 6 works awarded.

The Mednight Tales arise with the motivation of bringing science in a pleasant way to people who do not have access to scientific knowledge. Therefore, the stories are represented in paediatric units in hospitals, for the elderly and for migrants.

Mednight is a Mediterranean science dissemination project. It connects knowledge centres from both ends of the Mediterranean Sea. Mednight brings together the participation in a consortium of 10 institutions: FISABIO, INCLIVA, CSIC, MUDIC, El Caleidoscopio, SciCo Cyprus, the University of Messina, the Kadir Has University of Istanbul and the European Association of Women Rectors (EWORA), under the coordination of SciCo Greece.

MEDNIGHT takes place within the framework of the European Night of Researchers (European Researchers’ Night), a scientific dissemination project promoted and financed by the European Commission as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (grant agreement No 101061190) of the Horizon 2020 programme.