We are glad with the response that is getting the II literary contest Tales from The MEDNIGHT. As August is a propitious month for creative activities, we announce a new extension of the deadline, until Monday, August 15, with which some great stories of scientific themes of the Mediterranean Sea will arrive. We remember some aspects of interest when participating

The theme is scientific

Winning works will be digitally edited

The selected works will be performed for children of long hospital stay, elderly, young migrants, in educational centers.

Mediterranean science will be brought to the public in a new way

Includes training on science-themed story writing

Links with the roots and history of Mediterranean science and connects with other Mediterranean knowledge centres

In the following link are available the bases: https://med.eu/bases-cuentos-de-la-mednight/? lang=en

The description of the activity of the stories and the training are in the following link: https://med.eu/cuentos-de-la-mednight/? lang=en

Until Monday August 15, it will be able to register stories, we encourage you to join a pioneering initiative in its execution and that connects the peoples of the Mediterranean.