MUDIC has visited 41 primary and secondary schools in the province of Alicante, carrying out activities for about 4600 students. In the Researchers’ back to school program we have already combe by an institute in Alicante and coordinated the visit to another high school in Bocairent, connecting with more than a hundred students.

In addition, two day and two night astronomical observations have been performed, outdoor workshops have been performed to awaken interest and scientific vocation in Daya Nueva, Los Montesinos, Albatera and Torrevieja in 7 different events between
May and June, about 460 children enjoyed them.

The second science-themed children’s stories contest, Tales from the MEDNIGHT, is under way and will run until 29 July. We have also started the MUDIC 2022 Summer of Museums, having already carried out two projects and having the honour of having Margarita del Val and Enrique Larrosa at the conferences on the first week.


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