Do you have an idea for any activity to disseminate Mediterranean Science among the general public and want to share it with us?

The common theme of all the activities carried out is to highlight the scientific research taking place in the Mediterranean and to bridge it with the community: schools, educators, students, families, the general public. We aim to make visible, enhance and exchange knowledge related to the common problems of the Mediterranean countries, the science being developed to address them, to empower the researchers of the region, and to encourage science as a future development, focusing on the Mediterranean Science. The activities proposed will emphasize the applications of science in our daily life and aim to further enhance the relevance and understanding of science by the general public and build their trust in science. Moreover, the methods chosen for the presentation of research and scientific facts, data and achievements will create a direct interaction between the researchers and the public, who will thus be able to obtain comprehensive answers to their curiosities. These two circumstances will provide a clear understanding of the benefits that research brings to society. Most of the proposed activities will involve the general public in research topics in a very engaging way. By observing simple experiments, or participating in quizzes and contests, people will realize how fun and relevant science is. Researchers will have the opportunity to illustrate their scientific results in a friendly way, by sharing their passion with the general public, and therefore arousing enthusiasm and curiosity towards their profession. Furthermore, by talking with researchers, people will get a different idea of their job: they will easily learn that a researcher doesn’t spend his life in a closed laboratory, but, conversely, he carries out dynamic and creative work and collaborates with other scientists, industries, research centers and people from around the world. The proposed activities will be especially engaging for children, stimulating their natural curiosity and showing them the fun aspect of science, technology and research. The chosen theme and the enthusiasm of the participants involved will help in making this event memorable, and help participating children potentially consider the possibility to embark in research and/or STEM careers.

Type of activities: Talks, Scientific art happenings, talk shows, Competitions, Exhibitions and Murals, Scientific Games, Experiments, Information pills, Workshops, Guided Visits, dramatized routes, science films and Guerrilla Science events.

Key thematic areas:, Sea and pollution, Climate and clean energies, Diet and nutrition, life and health. ODS, (3 – Good health and well-being; 6 – Clean water and sanitation; 7 – Affordable and clean energy; 9 – Innovation and infrastructure; 10 – Reduced inequality; 12 – Responsible consumption; 13 – Climate action; 14 – Life below water; 16 – Peace, Justice and strong institutions), with the Green Deal theme, and with the Mission area: Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters.

Let us know and we will do our best to help you to go from ideation to execution on the Night itself on September 30.

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