The activity has been aimed at minors admitted/as in the Pediatric Hospitalization Unit, the Home Hospitalization and Pediatric Palliative Care Unit and the Pediatric Day Hospital.

Members of Museo Didáctico Interactivo de Ciencias (MUDIC) of Orihuela have travelled to the Pediatric Plant of the General University Hospital of Elche with the aim of bringing science to children admitted to the Pediatric Hospitalization Unit, in the Pediatric Home Hospitalization and Palliative Care Unit and the Pediatric Day Hospital.

The MUDIC, within the facilities located in the district of Desamparados in the region of Baix Segura, carries out workshops with more than 60 experiments related to Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology and Electronics with the purpose of spreading and bringing the science to the smallests.

As explained by Montse Rodríguez and Dulce Berna, the didactic directors of the museum, “In the time of COVID we wanted to bring the museum closer to other environments and we continue to do so in those places where children cannot travel to it, as is the case of the children/ girls of the hospital”.

Content of the workshop

The didactic managers were in charge of the workshop that took place in the hospital of Elche, specifically in the hospital classroom of the 6th floor of Pediatrics, and that has focused on teaching the lesser/less knowledge of astronomy.

In addition, it has also been explained and made aware of the environmental problem experienced by the beaches of Mar Menor.

In this way, they also invite attendees to visit MUDIC in person when possible and have offered to bring back new scientific experiences.