The ArgiNaRe entrepreneurial project and patent aims to develop new advanced and “environmentally friendly” methodologies/products starting from natural clays and waste products for the recovery of marine (and non) contaminated waters (eg. From oil), and in general for the reduction of the contaminant load in matrices (water, air and soil) impacted by various environmental pollutants. The ArgiNaRe product line, which is part of the Environmental Management Market as an innovative, sustainable solution and in accordance with the principles of the circular economy, is the basis of the activities of the innovative startup ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l. (joint and non-participated spin-off of the Univ. of Messina and of the CNR which operates in the field of environmental technologies). Thanks to its highly technological and multidisciplinary experience, the team (M. R. Plutino, ISMN, S. Cappello, IRBIM, CNR; G. Rando, Dip. ChiBioFarAm, G. Sabatino and S. Magazù, Dip. MIFT, UniMe) will propose experiments and an exhibition on its sustainable activities, the characteristics and functioning of the ArgiNaRe product line, and other eco-friendly and green materials and methods for environmental protection and safeguarding.