Presentation of the Urban Geography and Planning Laboratory

The Department of Geography of the Aegean University will present the Urban Geography and Planning Laboratory.

The Urban Geography Laboratory (a division of Urban Geography and Planning Laboratory of the Geography Department, University of the Aegean) is an open interdisciplinary place of research and encounters. It undertakes research studies in areas of Urban Geography with the objective to understand better the world we live in. It focuses on the Mediterranean and European space and in Latin America. It follows critical antiracist geography perspectives of the urban and peri-urban space, contemporary urban changes, glocal (local-global) analyses of urban phenomena (like common goods and public space, urban sprawl, urban competition or solidarity, minority spaces, urban segregations, socio-spatial exclusion), urban and environmental studies, cultural urban approaches and comparative studies of phenomena in different cities as well as urban and regional social movements.

More information can be found here:

The presentation will focus on
– the recent book “Invisible struggles in a time of pandemic” made in collaboration with the Sociology Department of Puebla (Mexico),
– and
– MIGRIMAGE EU project: Images of Migration at the Southern Border

The presentation will be held for the general public at Sappho Square

Run by
– Christy Petropoulou, Associate Professor, Aegean University, Department of Geography

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