Mind the Lab: Processes of Mixing and Separating Liquids

Mind the Lab” at ITU DF Schools – Private Dr. Sedat Üründül Preschool:

The “Processes of Mixing and Separating Liquids” workshop will take place on June 5, 2024, World Environment Day. Organized by EWORA and ITU DF Schools,  the event will be carried out by “Aquatayf Biotechnology” and they repeat the same experiment with three different classes of 5-year-olds, each consisting of nearly 20 students consecutively.

The aim of the experiment is to teach children how liquids mix and can be separated using various methods, while also introducing the use of laboratory equipment and explaining the environmental impacts of water pollution.

Water pollution typically arises from the mixing of various chemicals and pollutants with water sources. By learning how liquids mix, children can gain a better understanding of how pollutants affect water.

During the event, water will be colored using food dye, representing a visible representation of water pollution. Additionally, sand will be added to the water to simulate pollution, providing a visual example of contamination. This experiment will help children understand how dirty water can appear and comprehend the unseen effects of pollution.

Located in ITU ARI Technopark, Aquatayf Biotechnology is a biotechnology company specializing in research and experimental development activities, particularly in biological analysis. Excitedly, they are preparing to move their laboratories and tools to the schools for the upcoming event. Once again, emphasizing “Mind the Lab”, they aim to ignite curiosity and promote scientific exploration among young minds.

(The name of Mind the Lab comes from the announcement that is often heard in the metro in English “Mind the Gap”. Mind the Lab was organized and presented for the first time in the Athens metro, in 2017, by the educational non-profit organization SciCo (from Science Communication), please click here for more info.)


Jun 05 2024


9:30 am - 11:30 pm




ITU DF Schools Maslak Campus



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