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Mind the lab: Are we what we eat?

Can You Influence Your DNA with Diet? Yes You Can!

Activity description: Every time we eat thousands of genes from other organisms come into our bodies. From piggy genes in our sausage pie, to bacterial genes in our yoghurt. But where do all these genes go? what happens to all this DNA we consume?

Discover the stunning science that takes place every time we eat! This action will help us discover what happens every time we think or smell of food, when we swallow it, when it travels all the 9 meters through our small intestine … until it exits our body!

We will see in practice how we digest our food and we will learn why some people love the taste of coriander while others hate it. We will also see how all this matches with the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut! And, we will try to give an answer to the question, “so are we what we eat?”

This action, is guaranteed, to leave you .. hungry for more!


Sep 29 2023


All Day


Scico Cyprus
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July 2024
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