In this laboratory some simple experiments concerning the theme of energy and renewables will be proposed and carried out.

Experiment 1: Work and energy. The children will measure the distance traveled by a jar that rotates along an inclined plane, varying the degree of inclination and the weight of the jar to know its energy.
Experiment 2: Pizza box solar oven. Kids will experience how the sun is hot enough to cook food.
Experiment 3: Power from water. In this experiment, the kids will experience how to get energy from water. A water wheel pushed by a gentle jet of water produces enough mechanical energy to lift small objects tied to the end of a string.
Experiment 4: Wind-turbine-anemometer. Kids will experience how to build an anemometer to measure wind speed.
Experiment 5: Crookes radiometer. Kids will experience how to build a Crookes radiometer. With a jar in which a reel will be inserted, capable of turning at very low friction. The reel has the peculiarity of having the faces of the blades of different colors: one silver and the other matt black. By creating a vacuum in the jar and illuminating the radiometer, the reel will start to rotate due to the different heating due to the gas molecules hitting the opaque black surfaces compared to that of the reflective surfaces.
Experiment 6: Spinning snake. Children will experience how hot convective currents produced by heating from candles can set in motion and spin a spiral (the snake)
Experiment 7: Lemon stack. The students will build a battery with the aid of a galvanized nail (anode) and a five-cent coin (cathode), they will connect the copper cables to the electrodes and to the poles of a light bulb which, because of the passage of electric current, will illuminate.


Sep 29 2023


5:00 pm - 11:55 pm


Citizen science,
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Università degli Studi di Messina


Università degli Studi di Messina
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