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Tradition and change in the center of the Mediterranean: the University of Messina has always been characterized by the quality of research and teaching and by its international vocation.
Founded in 1548 by Pope Paul III, the University of Messina has been, since its origins, a privileged place for exchanges between different cultures. In 1678 the University was closed following the anti-Spanish insurrection.


During these years the University of Messina was closely linked to the city and represented a strong political and cultural influence. It reached high levels, featuring top professors including Giovanni Alfonso Borelli, Pietro Castelli, Giovan Battista Cortesi, Carlo Fracassati, Giacomo Gallo, Mario Giurba, Marcello Malpighi and Francesco Maurolico.

The Athenaeum was refinanced in 1838 after a long period by King Ferdinando II. It was closed again in 1847 because of the Anti-Bourbon insurrection of the city.

Until the early twentieth century the University included numerous prominent lecturers such as Pietro Bonfante, Leonardo Coviello, Vittorio Martinetti, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Giovanni Pascoli and Gaetano Salvemini.Today it is a particularly young university that is constantly projecting itself into the future.

In the most recent national evaluation of research quality, UniME was voted as having demonstrated the best performance.

Additionally, the number of enrolments has been constantly increasing since 2015.
Furthermore, UniME currently ranks as the second Southern University for its quality of teaching.
Internationalization programs are at the centre of the UniME development policy. Today the University welcomes students from 27 foreign countries as well as numerous visiting professors and visiting researchers. This is a natural vocation for UniME because of its location.

Messina, a city of 240,000 inhabitants at the centre of the Mediterranean, facing the Strait of Messina, has always been a place of meeting and interaction between diverse cultures.
Here hospitality is an important cultural value. It is a modern city that takes its energy from the sea that surrounds it. Today, it is one of the most popular Italian cruise ship stops.

The union of these elements makes studying at the University of Messina a unique experience. Facilities, services, and an ample educational offering allow students to follow paths of excellence (some of which are entirely in English) in a context where cultural enrichment and entertainment are assured.

Tradition and innovation intermingle in the four different areas where the 12 departments of UniME are located: one can find libraries that contain ancient texts, and at the same time find cutting edge libraries and a sports center that takes up 135,000 square meters. We never get tired of growing, so for this reason we are ready to welcome you in the very best way.

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