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Monastir Science Palace

Monastir Sciences Palace is a public non-administrative establishment placed under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Its main objective is to create scientific, intellectual, and cultural dynamics within the society, and according to this approach, Monastir Science Palace represents an important tribute to the educational track for it increases the senses of observation and curiosity and encourages the spirit of research and innovation. MSP also works on the development among broad segments of society to enable them to understand the economic, social, and intellectual issues associated with science through its activities and presentations. It simplifies many scientific concepts interestingly and attractively.

To do so, Monastir Sciences Palace has established several programs 

aimed at spreading knowledge and enabling the widest segments of society to keep pace with scientific and technological progress. To achieve real development of the Tunisian society, especially the sustainable goals that aim at promoting the passion for knowledge among men and women to face the challenges in societies, especially in this digital age that requires innovative initiations to promote the learning of science outside schools and classrooms.

We work to achieve added value to the educational process in its various stages through early youth framing and stimulating the spirit of research and innovation among young people.

The MSP Contributes to building an apprehensive society, promotes the passion for lifelong learning, and emphasizes the role of science in achieving sustainable development.

We provide an interactive educational approach developed to stimulate the desire for scientific knowledge, to encourage the accuracy of observation, and to push towards exploration, research, and innovation.

Our establishment presents knowledge and science in an interesting, simplified, and attractive manner that enhances the belief in the role of science in our daily lives and raises the interest and benefit of its development.