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Project exhibition

June 17-18, 2021

600 students present their educational innovation projects live in an activity integrated into Mednight 2021. It’s about MOMO, The Air Fair and Program your work. Three initiatives devised and directed by El Caleidoscopio. All the projects are integrated as an activity of the Mediterranean Night of the Researchers, Mednight 2021.

At La Feria Aérea, high school students will present drones for social and environmental purposes that they have built themselves. At MOMO, the Stop Motion short films made by educational centers will be screened using digital electronics and 3D printing. In Program your work, the short films in which one of the protagonists is a humanoid robot that they have previously learned to program will be screened.

June 17, 2021

June 18, 2021


About us

El caleidoscopio

El Caleidoscopio is a company focused on scientific dissemination. Since 2013 it has dedicated its activity to the implementation of projects and programs designed for the educational, scientific and cultural fields. In addition to being the company responsible for coordinating the Mednight 2021 project, it develops projects such as La Feria Aérea, MOMO, Programa tu obra, ROS Film Festival or Ciutats pel futur. Initiatives that combine technology, science, environment and artistic disciplines.