About us


The Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) is a Spanish public research organization. It was founded in 1951 as the Nuclear Energy Board and currently has its headquarters in Madrid, with various territorial centers in other parts of Spain, such as the Plataforma Solar de Almería, the Center for Renewable Energy Development (CEDER) and the International Center for Environmental Law Studies (CIEDA) in Soria, the Extremaduran Center for Advanced Technologies (CETA) in Trujillo (Cáceres), and the Socio-Technical Research Center (CISOT) in Barcelona.

CIEMAT’s research fields cover a wide range of disciplines, primarily focused on the study of new energy sources and the optimization of energy technologies from existing sources. Additionally, the center is dedicated to research in environmental technologies, as well as other fields of basic research such as biomedicine and fundamental physics. CIEMAT’s main objective is to contribute to sustainable development and promote responsible use of natural resources and energy.

With over 1300 people working across all its locations, it is the second-largest Public Research Organization (PRO) under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain.