4th Young Researchers at Schools International Meeting

Call for Schools 2023

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The 4th Young Researchers at Schools International Meeting will take place the next September 26 from 10h to 12h CET (Spanish and Greek language) & September 27 from 9h30 to 12h30 CET (English language).

This activity is one of the most popular activities of MEDNIGHT, a project part of the European Researchers’ Night and funded under the EU’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions & Citizens. 

In this virtual meeting, young scientists will show their research work, interacting live and answering students’ questions, bringing science closer to hundreds of young people from High Schools and thus promoting their vocations and expanding their knowledge on the subject in question. The meeting will also include keynote presentations by consolidated and pioneering researchers in their field.

The thematic areas of the meeting are: Sea and Pollution, Climate and Clean Energy, Diet and Food, Life and Health, Geology and Biodiversity, Anthropology and History and Future.

Remember, there will be three modalities, one in Spanish, one in Greek (September 26 from 10h to 12h CET)  and another one in English (September 27 from 9h30 to 12h30 CET). 

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to schools, teachers and students.


Speakers (The final Schedule is pending)

Spanish Room: September 26 // 10h-12h CET

10h Maria del carmen Perea MUDIC/MEDNIGHT Bienvenida y presentación
10h05 Inma Aleixos Borrás Science and Society University of Stuttgart ¿Por qué algunas investigadoras y algunos investigadores crean empresas?
10h20 Mary Luz Uribe Life and Health Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante Desvelando los Secretos del Cáncer: Un Viaje a través de la Muerte Celular con la Ayuda de la Mosca de la Fruta
10h35 Julia Guerrero Life and Health Universidad de Sevilla Cobertura mediática del cáncer
10h50 Mari Carmen Fuentes-Albero Sea and pollution Universidad de Murcia / F. Oceanogràfic El cuento de la Ciencia
11h05 Tamara Fuentes Rodriguez Sea and pollution U. de Valencia / F. Oceanogràfic Evaluación de las expectativas y el impacto social de los visitantes escolares en su visita al Oceanogràfic
11h20 Julia Crespo Vallés Sea and pollution Mednight ¿Expedición en las Islas Baleares? Biodiversidad y amenazas”
11h35 Aleta Duque Climate and Clean Energies CIEMAT “Biomasa: un recurso renovable que sirve para (casi) todo”
11h50 Marta Ferris   AEMET Meteorología y Divulgación en el ámbito Nacional


Greek Room: September 26 // 10h-12h CET

10:00 Scico Team Welcome at Mednight
10:05 Angie Pantzartzidi Life and Health Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
10:20 Petros Ampatzidis Climate and Clean energies University of Bologna
10:35 Fotis Zapantis Transport Safety BCRRE
10:50 Irida Palamidi Animal nutrition in Mediterranean Area Agricultural University of Athens
11:05 Kalliopi Kritsotaki Education UCL _IOE
11:20 Ioannis Papachristos Life and Health University of Ioannina / Harvard University
11:35 Panagiota Asimakopoulou Climate and Clean energies Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodi


International Room (in English): September 27 // 9h30-12h30 CET

9h30 Welcome
9h35 Francesca Antonelli Women in Science Universitat de València
9h50 Carlotta Gardner British School of Athens
10h05 José I. Crespo Future CIEMAT
10h20 Tugce Katipoglu-Yazan Sea and pollution Istanbul Technical University
10h35 Walter Dellisanti Sea and pollution University of Copenhagen
10h50 Maëlina Gomez Animal welfare F. Oceanografic
11h05 Iván Nombela Díaz Life and Health Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
11h20 Pradeep Eranti Life and Health Université Paris-Cité, France
11h35 Francis K. Chemorion Life and Health InsilicoTrials Technologies