On Sunday 5 March at 18h will take place the official presentation of the second book of Tales from the Mednight in the Comic Salon of Valencia. The book features the seven winning stories of the “Mednight Short Story Contest 2022″, its adaptations to audiobook, easy reading and pictograms and have been translated into Spanish, Valencian Italian, Turkish, Greek and English. ” Tales of the Mednight” was born with the intention of bringing the Mediterranean scientific activity to young people and other sectors of the population, in a pleasant and enlightened way and promoting the scientific spirit from a critical point of view.

The presentation will be attended by its authors and will be accompanied by a theatrical representation of the stories

The book will also serve to highlight the importance of making visible the existing Mediterranean culture around science, which makes us, to whom we inhabit the countries of the Mediterranean basin, a little more special and at the same time similar. Throughout 2023, printed editions of the stories will be distributed free of charge to schools, pediatric units in hospitals and social service centers, where they will also be represented by theater students.

In the Comic Salon of Valencia will be present several of the writers and draftsmen of the book, Maria del Carmen Perea of MUDIC and Ricardo Dominguez of El Caleidoscopio, editors of the same and who will make the official presentation. Later, “Tales of the Mednight” will be staged in a theatrical version, by students of the School of Theater of MUDIC itself. Also present will be the researchers Marta Vergara and Vicenta Ávila of the Interdisciplinary Reading Research Structure of the University of Valencia, who have been responsible for adapting the book for people with functional diversity thanks to the help of young people from the “Full Inclusion” Association.

In this edition were presented 34 stories from Spain, Latin America, Greece and Turkey, of which 15 were selected finalists for the evaluation of the jury. After deliberation, 7 winning stories were chosen. The themes of the winning stories have been varied, from fables about the origin of the Library of Alexandria or the creation of writing supports in Egypt to two trips to the past of the Iberian Peninsula, one guided by the constellations and another through the exploration of a cave.

The stories included in the book are “The ball in the empty library” by Martín-Ernesto Troncoso, “The concern of the pharaoh” by María Ramón Sánchez and Jorge Eloy Martínez Lozano, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Tina” by Silvia Ruiz Fernández, “The balance quest” by María Mercedes Pardo Tendero, “The wonders cave” by María Ángeles Bonmatí Carrión, “Scientific motivation” by Vanessa Escrig Cervera and “Children’s questions” by Alejandro Ruiz Picazo.

Mednight is a Mediterranean science dissemination project that brings together 10 entities in consortium: FISABIO, INCLIVA, CSIC, MUDIC, El Kaleidoscope, SciCo Cyprus, Messina University, Kadir Has University of Istanbul and the European Association of Women Rectors (EWORA)under the coordination of SciCo Greece, within the framework of the European Night of Research (European Researchers’ Night), promoted and financed by the European Commission as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions of the Horizon Europe programme.