In the Green Challenge video contest, researchers from the Mediterranean will pose four challenges to students between 14 and 18 years old. Each challenge has been announced through a video on MedNight’s social media and website and is related to one of the fields of the Green Deal: geology and biodiversity; sea and pollution; climate and clean energies, life and health. Students who want to participate in the activity, individually or in a group, must respond to one of the challenges through a video of at most 2 minutes and post it on Instagram. The video must be accompanied by the hashtag of the area to which the challenge belongs, which will be indicated in the video of the researcher posing the challenge (#MEDNIGHTBiodiversity, #MEDNIGHTPollution, #MEDNIGHTCleanEnergies or #MEDNIGHTLifeHealth) as well as the hashtag to the @mednighteu account.

Regarding the language, the videos in which the researcher is posing the challenge can be in any of the official languages of the countries participating in MEDNIGHT. This is also the case for the videos in which the students respond to those challenges.

There will be one winning video for each one of the subject areas. The ten videos with the most likes (deadline: September 19, 2021) from each one of the categories will move on to a second phase in which the researcher who has posed the challenge will choose which of the videos best responds to the challenge.  The videos that move to the second phase will be subtitled in English.

The four videos that win (one per area) will be posted on the official MEDNIGHT social media and website. The winners will be announced during the celebration of the Mediterranean Researchers’ Night, September 24. The selected video from each category will receive a prize valued at € 1,000 for scientific and technological material.


Winning account

#MEDNIGHTBiodiversity @sesalpuente
#MEDNIGHTPollution @ddguniverse
#MEDNIGHTCleanEnergies @_greenproyect
#MEDNIGHTLifeHealth @naro.wwwii_