Terms and conditions

  1. You hereby declare to comply with the legal requirements in order to be able to use a public account of the technology platform called “Instagram” and you provide your consent with respect to the following paragraphs.
  2. You provide your consent to provide your personal data. In accordance with the Data Protection legislation in force, the personal data provided shall be processed by the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of Valencia Region (hereinafter, “Fisabio”) in order to disseminate and advertise the “Green Challenge” activity as well as for the Mednight 2021 project itself, through social media, websites or sending material through means of communication. The legitimate basis for providing consent shall be the signature of this document or stating your express consent to participate in the “Green Challenge” activity of Mednight 2021. You can exercise your rights to access, rectification, erasure, objection, restrict processing and portability with respect to your personal data, as well as the possibility to revoke your consent, which you can exercise by following the instructions established at http://fisabio.san.gva.es/registrodatos
  3. You hereby grant to FISABIO free of charge, exclusively and with the right to transfer to third parties, the image, sound and intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as any other rights that may correspond, as a result of participating in the “Green Challenge” of Mednight 2021, and whose resulting material could be the object of public communication or any form of use by FISABIO. The purpose of this authorization is to transfer the patrimonial nature of the right to the image itself, without any limit in time or space, which is necessary to carry out the use of the resulting materials as well as the secondary uses thereof, and their possible incorporation into other websites and graphic, sound or audiovisual media for commercial or promotional purposes, and FISABIO can use any excerpt or photograph. The transfer includes the rights of use, the rights of attachment, reproduction, public communication, distribution and transformation by any technical procedure or system of use. These include but are not limited to the following: radio and television on Hertzian waves, digital terrestrial television, cable, satellite, whether they are free or subject to pay, as well as their distribution on home video, DVD, CD-ROM, Internet, etc, in their original version, dubbed or subtitled in any language. The transfer refers to all uses of the images or sounds, or parts thereof, in which I appear, using the technical means currently known today and that could be developed in the future and for any application. All of that is with the sole exception and limitation of the uses or applications that could infringe the honor under the terms set forth in Organic Law 1/82, of May 5, on the Protection of the Civil Right to Honor, to Personal and Family Privacy and One’s Own Image.
  4. You hereby declare the originality and intellectual and industrial property of the video posted on the Instagram profile with which you are participating in the Green Challenge. Therefore, you shall hold FISABIO unharmed from any claim, damage or harm that may be suffered due to matters of violating the intellectual and industrial property on the aforementioned video.