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MASS GRAVE 112 - FOSA 112. First drawing of a series of twelve from artist Gabriel Marcelo Cagliolo. We continue to put a face to these silent voices. Thank you Fundación para Fomento de Investigación Sanitaria y Biomédica CV - Fisabio for the advances that have made this possible!

CENTENNIALS - Genes vs. lifestyle.

Churchill gave us his recipe for longevity: drink alcohol, smoke and don't do sport... 🤔 On the other hand, a recent #INCLIVA study reveals that good genes are essential for good health after the age of 90. Which one do you identify with?


In the 21st century, we are all aware of the poor state of the sea. That is why I sometimes wonder if the question when we talk about the garbage that pollutes the sea is what or who.

Caretta Caretta

Champion! Not only for travelling thousands of kilometres and having made the largest egg clutch recorded in years (131 eggs), but also because it has managed to reach this beach in Guardamar del Segura without a single piece of plastic around its neck.

Santiago Grisolía

a Valencian biochemist, he left us a few days ago at the age of 99. He worked with the spanish Nobel Prize Severo ochoa and founded the Jaume I prizes.

SOS Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is a warning of what could happen in the Mediterranean Sea, with the death of thousands of fish due to polluting discharges and economic models based on tourism and intensive agriculture that invade and destroy the natural environment. Locals of all colours, together, embrace the Mar Menor...

Mediterranean Researchers' Night

Lesvos, Messina, Istanbul, Nicosia, Valencia, Alicante, Orihuela and much more